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WalMart Electronics Center

Campaign and seasonal design and development

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During my four year tenure with Triad Retail Media, I was the main frontend developer for their client initiatives for WalMart. I would pull together the assets ranging from copy to video content to imagery and do all the building involving HTML, CSS and javascript.

We would do projects as varied as one page ads for third party fortune 100 corporate clients, seasonal promotions from New Years Day to Christmas and every holiday in between, a recipe feature where users could upload and share recipes to lifestyle content with all the client side features integrated into the .Net server side code and custom CMS where applicable.

WalMart was a very demanding client and everything needed to be pixel perfect and on time, no excuses. This proved to be higly challengin yet rewarding as new initiatives were coming down the pipes at all times.

I was also instrumental in helping migrate the main ad areas from flash based interactive features over to jQuery features to help with cross browser compatibility, proper markup for search engines and metrics software as well as being viewable in smart phones and tablets as those moved from edge cases to consumer standards for viewing web content.